Forensic DNA Profiling Facility

The Forensic DNA Profiling Facility provides state of the art DNA analysis services of both human and nonhuman DNA. Coordinating with various lab facilities at Florida International University, the facility supports cutting-edge research and teaching and also provides services for local crime labs

We support local law enforcement agencies including the Miami-Dade Police Department, Broward County Sheriff's Office and Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. 


  • Stratalinker
  • MiSeq FGx Sequencer
  • iScan Microarray System
  • BioRad T100 thermocycler
  • Eppendorf thermomixer
  • Eppendorf refrigerated thermomixer
  • 3x Eppendorf 5415D benchtop centrifuges
  • Eppendorf Vacufuge
  • BioRad C1000 thermocycler
  • Eppendorf 5804 centrifuge + deep well plate rotor
  • 2x Eppendorf 5430 Refrigerated Centrifuges
  • 2x High Speed Digital Microplate shakers
  • PBI barocycler
  • Maxwell 16 automated extraction system
  • Freedom EVO-Tecan Robotic Liquid Handler
  • ABI 310 Genetic Analyzers
  • ThermoFisher ABI SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer
  • 2x Hybridization ovens (Illumina Microarrays)
  • Vacuum dessicator
  • Thermal plate sealer
  • Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer
  • Qubit 4.0 Fluorometer
  • Quant Studio 3 High Resolution Melt PCR System
  • ProFlex thermocycler (96-well block)
  • Eppendorf D30 Biophotometer
  • OMAX digital microscope
  • Ohaus analytical scale
  • 3x laminar flow hoods


  • Sequencher (one PC license and one Mac license)
  • CLC Genomics workbench (Network license) with Microbial workbench (2 desktop licenses)
  • Geneious
  • BaseSpace (Illumina) Commercial Subscription
  • Illumina Experiment Manager/Sequencing Analysis Viewer
  • Illumina GenomeStudio+Methylation
  • ExactID
  • PrimerE, version 7
  • GeneMapper v3.7