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Lilliana Moreno

Forensic scientist Lilliana Moreno, Ph.D. ’15, is a Puerto Rico native and works at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a Research Biologist in the DNA Support Unit. She is an integral part of the Rapid DNA technology development, testing and implementation endeavors to aid law enforcement in real-time collection and processing of DNA samples.

Dr. Moreno, known as Lilly, designs and oversees validation studies in various fields of forensic science as they apply to the criminal justice needs of the FBI. She received the FBI Director’s Award for Scientific Achievement from Robert Mueller for her role in categorizing and databasing human DNA samples in order to understand the statistical frequency of DNA data occurrences and aid agencies nationwide.

Before joining the FBI, Dr. Moreno managed the Forensic DNA Profiling Facility at FIU where she completed her Masters (’05) and Doctorate in Forensic Sciences (’15). She has a passion for teaching and helping others via publications and presentations, or by teaching basic sciences to undergraduate students. She recently published one of her evaluation studies in the Forensics Science International Genetics journal.

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