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Anamary Tarifa

Anamary Tarifa is the Laboratory Manager and Postdoctoral Associate at the FIU Forensic & Analytical Toxicology Facility (FATF/IFRI). As Lab Manager, she is in charge of method development, customer analytical services, and management of chromatographic instruments coupled to mass spectrometers (GC-MS, GC-QTOF, LC-QQQ, DART-QTOF, LC-QTOF). Tarifa trains students and staff, conduct independent research and is an undergraduate student supervisor. Under the supervision of Dr. Anthony De Caprio, they are happy to collaborate with researchers from FIU and other universities. 

Dr. Tarifa received her B.S. in Chemistry from FIU under the mentorship of Dr. Jose R. Almirall. In 2013, she was the co-author of two papers that reported the data used for the development of the ASTM E2926 method for “Forensic Comparison of Glass Using Micro X-ray Fluorescence (μ-XRF) Spectrometry” (2014). Tarifa continued her work in pursuit of a doctoral degree, also under the guidance of Dr. Almirall. She received her diploma in Fall 2015. Her dissertation research consisted of a method development for the detection of gunshot residues (GSR) on the hands of shooters. In 2015, she was first author of a paper entitled “Cryofocusing capillary microextraction of volatiles (Cryo-CMV) as a novel headspace extraction device for the analysis of volatile organic compounds and smokeless powders.” A patent was awarded and linked to that publication, which featured a thermoelectric device to cool down the CMV used for headspace extraction of organic compounds in the air.