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  • DeEtta K. Mills


    Ketaki Deshpande, Kenneth G. Furton, De Etta K. Mills, The Equine Volatilome: Volatile Organic Compounds as Discriminatory Markers, Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 62 (2018) 47–53

    Julian Mendel. Kenneth G. Furton and DeEtta K. Mills, An Evaluation of Scent-discriminating Canines for Rapid Response to Agricultural Diseases. HortTechnology April (2018) vol.28 no.2, 102-108

    Julian Mendel, Christina Burns, Beatrice Kallifatidis, Edward Evans, Jonathan Crane, Kenneth G. Furton and DeEtta Mills. Agri-dogs: Using Canines for Earlier Detection of Laurel Wilt Disease Affecting Avocado Trees in South Florida. HortTechnology April (2018), vol.28 no.2 109-116

    Damaso, N., Mendel, J., Mendoza, M., Wettberg, E. J., Narasimhan, G. and Mills, D. (2018), Bioinformatics Approach to Assess the Biogeographical Patterns of Soil Communities: The Utility for Soil Provenance. J Forensic Sci, 63: 1033-1042. doi:10.1111/1556-4029.13741

  • Jose Almirall


    T Hoffman, R Jaćimović, LJ Bay, J Griboff, M Jagodic, M Monferrán, N Ogrinc, I Podkolzin, D Wunderlin, JR Almirall, Elemental Profiling of Milk Powders Using Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) for Geographic Sourcing and Adulteration Detection, Talanta, 2018, 10.1016/j.talanta.2018.04.040 IF=4.162

    C Martinez–Lopez, M Sakayanagi, and JR Almirall, Elemental analysis of packaging tapes by LA-ICP-MS and LIBS, For Chem, 2018, (8), 40-48. IF=1.520

    R Williamson, S Gura, A Tarifa and JR Almirall, The Coupling of Capillary Microextraction of Volatiles (CMV) Dynamic Air Sampling Device with DART-MS Analysis for the Detection of Gunshot Residues, For Chem, 2018, (8) 49-56. IF=1.520

    R Corzo, T Hoffman, P Weis, J Franco-Pedroso, D Ramos, and JR Almirall, The Use of LA-ICP-MS Databases to Estimate Likelihood Ratios for the Forensic Analysis of Glass Evidence, Talanta, 2018, IF=4.162

    S Gura, A Tarifa, J Mulloor, MN Torres and JR. Almirall, Capillary Microextration of BTEX Volatiles (CMV) Based on a Phenyl Modified PDMS Sol-Gel Phase, Analytica Chimica Acta, 2018, (1014), 27-40. IF=4.950

    J Almirall, H Arkes, J Lentini, F Mowrer and J Pawliszyn, Forensic Science Assessments; A Quality and Gap Analysis – Fire Investigation (7/11/2017), AAAS (contributing staff: D. Runkle, M. Barretta and M. Frankel,

    J Debord, A Pourmand, S Jantzi, S Panicker and JR Almirall, Profiling of Heroin and Assignment of Provenance by 87Sr/86Sr Isotope Ratio Analysis, Inorganica Chimica Acta, 2017, 468, 294-295. IF=2.002

  • Kenneth G. Furton


    Aznar M, Úbeda S, Nerin C, Kabir A, Furton KG, Fabric phase sorptive extraction as a reliable tool for rapid screening and detection of freshness markers in oranges, J Chromatogr A. 2017 Jun 2;1500:32-42. doi: 10.1016/j.chroma.2017.04.006.

    Abuzar Kabir, Rodolfo Mesa, Jessica Jurmain and Kenneth G. Furton, Fabric Phase Sorptive Extraction Explained, Separations 2017, 4, 21; doi:10.3390/separations4020021

    Shivender Singh Saini, Abuzar Kabir, Avasarala Lakshmi Jagannadha Rao 1, Ashok Kumar Malik and Kenneth G. Furton, A Novel Protocol to Monitor Trace Levels of Selected Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Environmental Water Using Fabric Phase Sorptive Extraction Followed by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Fluorescence Detection, Separations 2017, 4(2), 22; doi:10.3390/separations4020022

    Sergio Santana-Viera, PhD Student; Rayco Guedes-Alonso, PhD; Zoraida Sosa-Ferrera, PhD; José Juan Santana-Rodríguez, PhD; Abuzar Kabir, PhD; Kenneth G Furton, PhD, Optimization and application of fabric phase sorptive extraction coupled to ultra-high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry for the determination of cytostatic drug residues in environmental waters, J. Chromatography A 2017 Dec 22;1529:39-49.

    Sameer S. Lakade, Francesc Borrull, Kenneth G. Furton, Abuzar Kabir, Rosa Maria Marcé, Núria Fontanals, Novel capsule phase microextraction in combination with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for determining personal care products in environmental water, Journal of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, May 2018, Volume 410, Issue 12, pp 2991–3001

    Evans, J.R., Schreiber Compo, N., Carol, R.N., Schwartz, B.L., Holness, H., Rose, S., & Furton, K. G. (2017). Alcohol intoxication and metamemory: Little evidence that moderate intoxication impairs metacognitive monitoring processes. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 31, 573-585. doi: 10.1002/acp.337

    Danni Cuia, Alexander M. Mebel, Luis E. Arroyo-Mora, Howard Holness, G.Furton Kenneth, Kevin O'Shea. Kinetic, product, and computational studies of the ultrasonic induced degradation of 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM), Water Research, 

  • Sarah Casado-Zapico


    “Ridge Width Correlations between Inked Prints and Powdered Latent Fingerprints”. De Alcaraz-Fossoul J, Barrot-Feixat C, Zapico SC, Mancenido M, Broatch J, Roberts KA, Carreras-Marin C, Tasker J. J Forensic Sci. 2018 Jul;63(4):1085-1091. doi: 10.1111/1556-4029.13656. Epub 2017 Oct 3.

    “When forensic odontology met biochemistry: Multidisciplinary approach in forensic human identification”. Adserias-Garriga J, Thomas C, Ubelaker DH, C Zapico S. Arch Oral Biol. 2018 Mar;87:7-14. doi: 10.1016/j.archoralbio.2017.12.001.

  • Nadja Schreiber Compo


    Carol, R.N., & Schreiber Compo, N. (2018). The effect of encoding duration on implicit and explicit eyewitness memory. Consciousness and Cognition. doi:10.1016/j.concog.2018.02.004

    Altman, C.M., Schreiber Compo, N., McQuiston, D.E., Hagsand, A.V., & **Cervera, J. (2018). Witnesses’ memory for events and faces under elevated levels of intoxication. Memory. doi:10.1080/09658211.2018.1445758

    Evans, J.R., Schreiber Compo, N., *Carol, R.N., Schwartz, B.L., Holness, H., Rose, S., & Furton, K.G. (2017). Alcohol intoxication and metamemory: Little evidence that moderate intoxication impairs metacognitive monitoring processes. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 31, 573-585. doi: 10.1002/acp.3373

    Rivard, J. & Schreiber Compo, N. (2017). Self-reported current practices in child forensic interviewing: Training, tools, and pre-interview preparation. Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 35, 253-268. doi: 10.1002/bsl.2290

  • Francisco Fernandez-Lima


    A. Mckenzie, S. Bell, F. Fernandez-Lima; “Detection of firearm discharge residue from skin swabs using Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry coupled to Mass Spectrometry”, Anal. Meth. 2018, in press.

    K. Adams, C. E Ramirez, N. F Smith, A. C. Muñoz-Muñoz, L. Andrade, F. Fernandez-Lima, “Analysis of Isomeric Opioids in Urine using LC-TIMS-TOF MS”, Talanta, 2018, 183, 177-183.

    K. J. Adams, N. Smith; C. E. Ramirez, F. Fernandez-Lima, “Discovery and Targeted Monitoring of Polychlorinated Biphenyl Metabolites in Blood Plasma using LC-TIMS-TOF MS”, Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 2017, 427, 133-140.

    P. Benigni, J. Porter, M. E. Ridgeway, M. A. Park, F. Fernandez-Lima; "Increasing analytical separation and duty cycle with non-linear analytical mobility scan functions in TIMS-FT-ICR MS". Anal Chem. 2018, 90 (4), 2446–2450.

    A. Garabedian, M. Baird, J. Porter, K. Jeanne Dit Fouque, P. Shliaha, O. Jensen, T. Williams, F. Fernandez-Lima, A. Shvartsburg, "Linear and Differential Ion Mobility Separations of Middle-Down Proteoforms", Anal. Chem. 2018, 90 (4), 2918–2925.

    K. J. Dit Fouque, A. Garabedian, J. Porter, M. Baird, X. Pang, T. D. Williams, L. Li, A. Shvartsburg, F. Fernandez-Lima. “Fast and Effective Ion Mobility - Mass Spectrometry Separation of D-Amino Acid Containing Peptides”. Anal. Chem., 2017, 89, 11787-11794.

  • Jeffrey Wells


    Picard CJ, Wells JD, Ullyot A, Rognes K. 2018. Amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis supports the valid separate species status of Lucilia caesar and L. illustris (Diptera: Calliphoridae). Forensic Sciences Research 3:60-64.

    Wells JD, LaMotte LR. 2017. The role of a PMI-prediction model in evaluating forensic entomology experimental design, the importance of covariates, and the utility of response variables for estimating time since death. Insects 8:47; doi:10.3390/insects8020047

  • Anthony DeCaprio


    Seither, J.Z., Hindle, R., Arroyo-Mora, L.E., DeCaprio, A.P. (2018). Systematic analysis of novel psychoactive substances. I. Development of a compound database and HRMS spectral library. Forensic Chemistry, 9, 12-20.

    Eckberg, M.N., Arroyo-Mora, L.E., Stoll, D.R., and DeCaprio, A.P. (2018). Separation and identification of isomeric and structurally related synthetic cannabinoids using two-dimensional liquid chromatography and high resolution mass spectrometry. Journal of Analytical Toxicology, submitted.

    Mulet, C. T.; Arroyo-Mora, L. E.; Leon, L. A.; Gnagy, E.; DeCaprio, A. P. (2018). Rapid quantitative analysis of methylphenidate and ritalinic acid in oral fluid by liquid chromatography triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (LC-QqQ-MS). J. Chromatogr. B. 1092, 313-319.

    Gilliland, R.A.; Möller, C.; DeCaprio, A.P. (2018). LC-MS/MS based detection and characterization of covalent glutathione modifications formed by reactive drug of abuse metabolites. Xenobiotica. (in press)

    Möller, C., Davis, W.C., Marí, F., Thompson, V.R., and DeCaprio, A.P. (2017). Proteomic analysis of thiol modifications and assessment of structural changes in hemoglobin induced by aniline metabolites N-phenylhydroxylamine and nitrosobenzene. Sci. Rep., 4, 14794.

  • Bruce McCord


    S Carnes, S O'Brien, A Szewczak, L Tremeau‐Cayel. Comparison of ultra-high performance supercritical fluid chromatography, ultra-high performance liquid chromatography, and gas chromatography for the separation of synthetic cathinones. Journal of Separation Science, 2017

    H Alghanim, J Antunes, DSBS Silva, CS Alho, K Balamurugan, B McCord. Detection and evaluation of DNA methylation markers found at SCGN and KLF14 loci to estimate human age. Forensic Science International: Genetics 31, 81-88

    V Martinez, D Nori, P Dimsoski, B McCord Pressure‐based alkaline lysis with immunocapture, a method for enhanced recovery in differential extraction. Electrophoresis 38 (21), 2777-2785

    Gibson-Daw, G., Albani, P., Gassmann, M. et al. Anal Bioanal Chem (2017) 409: 939.

    L Wang, G Musile, BR McCord. An aptamer‐based paper microfluidic device for the colorimetric determination of cocaine. Electrophoresis 39 (3), 470-475

    M Yang, Y Sun, X Zhang, B McCord, AJ McGoron, A Mebel, Y Cai. Raman spectra of thiolated arsenicals with biological importance. Talanta 179, 520-530

    IC Eleotério, MA Balbino, JF Andrade, AA Saczk, LL Okumura, ...Voltammetric Determination of Trimethoprim Employing an Electrode Chemically Modified with Prussian Blue Film Sensor Letters 16 (5), 341-346

    KR Chabaud, JL Thomas, MN Torres, S Oliveira, BR McCord. Simultaneous colorimetric detection of metallic salts contained in low explosives residue using a microfluidic paper-based analytical device (µPAD). Forensic Chemistry 9, 35-41


Browse patents and other intellectual property from our researchers.

  • DeEtta K. Mills patents


    Venturi vacuum device for biological sample collections US 20170212015A1

  • Bruce McCord patents


    Paper microfluidic devices for detection of improvised explosives 9891207

    Materials and methods for achieving differential lysis of mixtures with the aid of alkaline lysis and pressure cycling technology (PCT) 9809794

    Materials and methods for detecting vaginal epithelial cells 9702006

    Paper microfluidic devices for forensic serology 9791434

  • Jose Almirall patents


    Cryofocused Sampling of Volatiles by CMV US 9,752,966 B2

  • Kenneth G. Furton patents


    Materials and Methods for the Detection of Trace Amounts of Substances in Biological and Environmental Samples. 9,772,338

    Superpolar chromatographic stationary phases and extraction sorbents and their methods of synthesis 9,700,872

    Controlled Odor Mimic Permeation System 9,706,755

    Sol-Gel Polymeric Stationary Phases for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Solid Phase Extraction: Their Method of Making. 9,925,518 

    Alkyl Functionalized Porous Silica Liquid Chromatographic Stationary Phases and Solid Phase Extraction Sorbents 9,925,515

    In- Vial Microextraction (IVME) Systems and their method of making 9,851,281

  • Yi Xiao patents


    Materials and Methods for Rapid and Specific Detection of Cocaine 9,804,178

    Materials and Methods for Rapid Visualization of NAD(P)H 10,000,790

  • Fanfei Leng (associated IFRI faculty) patents


    Labeled Circular DNA Molecules for Analysis of DNA Topology, and Topoisomerases and For Drug
    Screening 9,890,416

    Selective Inhibition of Bacterial Topoisomerase I 9,820,014

    Materials and Methods for Identifying Gyrase Inhibitors 10,000,807

  • Kalai Mathee (associated IFRI faculty) patents


    2-Methylthiopyrrolidines and Their Use for Modulating Bacterial Quorum Sensing 9,951,007