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Global Forensic and Justice Center

The new Global Forensic and Justice Center is a university-wide forensic science and justice initiative coordinating all of the ongoing forensic science efforts at FIU. The structure of the Global Forensic and Justice Center builds upon four established focus areas: Academia, Industry, Technology and International Justice, dramatically expanding FIU’s footprint in the forensic/justice/training arenas, providing unparalleled opportunities for students, postdocs, faculty, practitioners and agencies worldwide.

  • Impact on Practice

    The faculty and students of the Global Forensic and Justice Center already have an impact in forensic science and applied justice practices worldwide, as well as education and research through their independent initiatives.

    • More hands-on: training, learning and application of innovations to practice
    • More translational work: benefiting practitioners and justice systems at home and abroad
    • More opportunities: to work together, find and fund projects and research, and educate the next wave of forensic scientists
    • More engagement: inform and reform the forensic science technological workspace
    • More knowledge: add to the scientific and justice knowledge base

    Be it industry, government or academia, the Global Forensic and Justice Center experts can mentor and guide at all levels.

    Center for Advanced Research in Forensic Science Director Jose Almirall and another researcher examine an image on a screen in a lab.

  • Outreach Programs

    In addition to academic, research and training pursuits, an emphasis on outreach will share work products and results and encourage study and careers in forensic science. Some annual outreach events include:

    • The Florida Forensic Science Symposium is hosted by IFRI and held at Florida International University. This gathering of professionals provides learning and networking opportunities critical to ongoing success.
    • FIU’s Forensic Science/CSI Camp shares knowledge and hands-on experiences with students so they can understand a world of careers and encourage STEM studies from high school through college.
    • NFSTC’s ROTC Internship introduces battlefield forensics and intelligence gathering to a dozen students from around the country. With exploitation becoming a critical focus for military, these students receive a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to put them at the forefront of their classes as they move into military careers.

    US Army ROTC Cadet Madison Zerfas from the University of North Dakota uses a steam iron to develop latent prints with ninhydrin on paper during the culmination exercises of the NFSTC@FIU 2018 Biometrics Internship. Photo by Michelle Chernicoff

Component Centers

In addition to the International Forensic Research Institute’s (IFRI) strong research and educational programs, the Global Forensic and Justice Center provides a closer collaboration with justice studies and service programs through the Center for the Administration of Justice (CAJ), increased industry-university collaborations through the NSF-funded Center for Advanced Research in Forensic Science (CARFS) and training and service through National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC).

  • Directors

    Kevin Lothridge, GFJC Director
    Executive Director, NFSTC@FIU                                             

    DeEtta Mills, Ph.D., GFJC Deputy Director
    Executive Director, IFRI 

    Luis Salas, Ph.D.
    Director, Center for the Administration of Justice                                               

    José Almirall, Ph.D.
    Director, Center for Advanced Research in Forensic Science

Center for the Administration of Justice logo

Established in 1984, the Center for the Administration of Justice employs a multidisciplinary and international staff of specialists, including lawyers, political scientists, public administrators and public policy analysts. It has become a leading source of information and leadership on justice sector reform issues in Latin America.


Center for Advanced Research in Forensic Science logo

The Center for Advanced Research in Forensic Science is an NSF-funded (PI: Jose Almirall at FIU) multi-university Industry University Cooperative Research Center (NSF-I/UCRC) program that facilitates industrially-relevant research via partnerships among industry, university researchers, and the end-user community. CARFS includes faculty and students from four different academic institutions (FIU, Northeastern University, Texas A&M, and University of South Alabama) with more than 75 faculty and students participating.


International Forensic Research Institute logo

The International Forensic Research Institute serves local and national law enforcement in applying scientific principles to the administration of justice. The mission of this self-supporting Institute is to conduct original research, transfer technologies for forensic applications, educate the next generation of forensic scientists, provide scientific expertise to the law enforcement, scientific and legal community.


National Forensic Science Technology Center logo

New to the FIU family, the National Forensic Science Technology Center has a 22-year track record of excellence in service, training, technology evaluation, and innovation in forensic science. Located in Largo, Florida, NFSTC serves customers in the justice, military, and forensic communities through a combination of grants and contract revenue.