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Students in the program have access to state-of-the art laboratory instrumentation and research facilities through hands-on workshops taught by expert faculty. Students will complete a final project that includes a “real-world” internship in a forensic science private or public sector enterprise.

  • Overview

    The Professional Science Master’s in Forensic Science requires a total of 32 credits including 23 credits focused on technical forensic science content. The remaining 9 credits, focused on professional business content, are provided online by FIU’s College of Business Administration. Assessments of student learning for online courses will be administered according to the policy at each respective department/school.

    Students are required to travel to FIU Modesto Maidique Campus (MMC) for participation in the summer workshop.

  • Degree Requirements

    The Professional Science Master’s Degree in Forensic Science consists of a total of 32 credits, including an internship. The curriculum is defined and an earned grade of B or better in all classes is required.

  • 1st Semester

    CHS 5535 Forensic Analysis Advanced topics on the role that physical evidence plays in their criminal justice system. Topics include crime scene methods, laboratory management and the legal framework as it relates towards physical evidence.

    BSC 5406 Forensic Biology Forensic Applications of molecular biology including PCR, STR techniques and other laboratory methods and data interpretation.

    MAN 6245 Organizational Behavior Individual, interpersonal, and small group behavior in complex organizations. Focus on behavior, its causes, and management interventions to improve organizational effectiveness. Research methods to study organizational behavior.

  • 2nd Semester

    CHS 5542 Forensic Chemistry Advanced analytical methods in Forensic Chemistry for application to the analysis of controlled substances, materials (ie., paint, glass, and fibers), flammable and explosives residues with an emphasis on new methods and method development.

    CHS 5538C Chemistry and Analysis of Drugs Introduction to the chemistry of drugs of abuse, including reactivity, synthesis and the principles of analysis from solid doses and from body fluids. Laboratory analysis through the determination of unknown samples.

    MAN 6830 Organization Information Systems Introduction to information systems and their role in organizations from a user’s viewpoint. Survey and application of the basic concepts necessary for understanding information systems. Study of the main activities in the development cycle used to acquire information systems capability.

  • 3rd Semester

    CHM 5934 Special Topics in Chemistry One week summer workshop on FIU campus covering DNA and forensic chemistry topics taught by faculty and working scientists selected by the students. The workshop is also attended by outside scientists. 

    CCJ 6935 Forensic Science Leadership An intensive analysis of a quality assurance and control within a crime laboratory.

  • 4th Semester

    STA 6166 Intermediate Statistics Correlation and regression both simple and multiple, general linear model, analysis of covariance, analysis of nominal data, analysis of categorical data.

    CHM 6949 Internship A semester of supervised work in an outside laboratory.

    FIN 5707 Accounting for Managers Presentation of the nature, techniques and uses of accounting from the perspective of people who manage businesses and investments in businesses. Covers both financial and management accounting.