Student Achievements

MSFS students have presented oral and poster presentations at the following symposia:

2014 IFRI Forensic Science Symposium

Natalie Damaso and Julian Mendel in "Bioinformatics for the classification and provenance of soil samples for intelligence and forensic applications "

Lauren J. Colón-Crespo in *"Evaluation of Human Scent As Possible Classification Evidence

Melissa Zwilling in "Forensic analysis and comparisons of white latex paints using LA-ICP-OES without matrix-matched standards "*

Alison G. Simon in "Detection of the Laurel Wilt Pathogen for the Protection of Avocado Groves "

Fanchen Bao in "Validation of Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP) Profiling of Forensically Important Insects "

Beatrice Kallifatidis in "Fluorescent Random Amplified Microsatellites (F-RAMS) Analysis of Mushrooms as a Forensic Investigative Tool "

Beatrice Kallifatidis and Julian Mendel in "ParaDNA® Intelligence System Validation (USA) "

Ketaki Deshpande and Natalie Leyva in "Breed designation for unknown equine case samples "

Ana-Michelle J. Broomes in "Quantitative Analysis of Designer Drugs in Oral Fluid Using Liquid Chromatography Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry (LC/QQQ-MS) "

Natalie Damaso in "Novel Polymer for Bioseparations of Complex DNA Mixtures using Capillary Electrophoresis "