Yuan Liu

Yuan Liu

Research Interests:

1. DNA base excision repair of DNA damages on short tandem repeats (STR) and its application in forensic sciences

We are interested in studying how DNA base excision repair and other DNA repair mechanisms may efficiently repair the damages on STR and how the repair mechanism may improve the amplification and detection of STR on degraded DNA from forensic casework samples. Our research goal is to develop new approaches for improving detection of STR from degraded DNA of forensic casework samples by making use of DNA repair mechanisms.

2. Trinucleotide repeat instability via oxidative DNA damage and repair

We are interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying CAG repeat instability induced by both endogenous and environmental oxidative DNA damage that involves base excision repair. In addition, we are studying how to inhibit the instability of trinucleotide repeat instability by manipulating cellular DNA base excision repair capacity during repair of oxidative DNA damage.

3. Maintenance of epigenetic stability by DNA base excision repair

We are interested in studying how DNA base excision repair enzymes and cofactors may effectively repair DNA damages on CpG islands, thereby sustaining the stability of epigenetics on tumor suppressor genes and preventing cancer development.