IFRI faculty member Dr. Tatiana Trejos receives prestigious science and technology award

IFRI faculty, Dr. Tatiana Trejos received the prestigious National Science and Technology Award “Clodomiro Picado Twight” for her research on applications of laser ablation methods as analytical tools to assist criminal investigations and intelligence operations. The Costa Rican Ministry of Science and Technology (MICIT) annually grants the National Award of Science and Technology as recognition for prominent scientific and technological work of Costa Rican citizens.

Dr. Trejos was selected for her outstanding international contributions in the development, validation, dissemination and standardization of LA-ICP-MS methods for the elemental fingerprinting of materials of forensic interest such as glass, paint, ink, paper and other forensic taggants. The methods developed at the International Forensic Research Institute (IFRI) offer rapid, versatile, discriminating and efficient solutions that currently support forensic investigations and intelligence operations.

Tatiana is one of 7 women that have been granted this award in 40 years. The award has been previously granted in areas of medicine, engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology but this is the first time that has been awarded in the area of forensic chemistry.

The Costa Rican President, Dr. Luis Guillermo Solis, the Minister of Science and Technology, Marcelo Jenkins and the Vice-Minister of Science and Technology Carolina Vazquez presented the awards at the auditorium of the National Council of Rectors of Costa Rica, in Pavas, Costa Rica (see photo).


Dr. Trejos is an FIU alumnus (2003 Master of Forensic Science, 2012 PhD in Chemistry with forensic track) and has worked for the International Forensic Research Institute at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at FIU since 2005. Dr. Trejos accepted the award on August 12, 2015 in San Jose, Costa Rica and said that the award “...is the product of many years of research conducted in collaboration with colleagues at IFRI and FIU."