Congratulations to our Students

julian and beatrice

On July 30th, 2012 two Master of Science in Forensic Science students (MSFS) Julian Mendel and Beatrice Kallifatidis, successfully defended their research projects. Julian, whose project was titled Enhancing Trace DNA Analysis: Vacuum Collection of Epithelial Cells and A Critical Evaluation of the Novel DNA Extraction Technique, Pressure Cycling will be continuing his PhD in biology at FIU in Dr. Mills’ research group.

Beatrice’s project was titled Identification Of Hallucinogenic and Toxic Fungi by Flourescent Random Amplification Microsatellites (F-RAMS) in Dr. Mills’ research group, is also the research coordinator and the manager of IFRI’s Forensic DNA Profiling Facility at FIU.

Congratulations to Julian and Beatrice!