Statement of Purpose

Introduction and Statement of Purpose

The collaboration between academic faculty interested in forensic science research and education, practicing forensic scientists in law enforcement agencies, scientists in well-equipped government laboratories and public-oriented corporate sponsors results in a synergistic environment that is mutually beneficial to the advancement of forensic science. Practicing forensic scientists provide many years of experience and expertise with real world scientific challenges. The academic researchers provide a second arena for scientific validation that enhances the scientific defensibility of results in the courtroom and provide the student assistance to address research needs. Government laboratories provide access to additional state-of-the-art facilities and expertise.

This Institute evolved from a long successful criminalistics chemistry program in the FIU Chemistry department with dozens of FIU interns completing internships at the Metro-Dade Police Crime Lab and other forensic science laboratories. The institute currently administers an interdisciplinary FIU undergraduate level Forensic Science Certificate and the first SUS BOR approved M.S. in Forensic Science, an interdisciplinary graduate program with non-traditional course delivery available.