IFRI Vision/Mission

IFRI Vision

To be recognized as a premier academic and research program in forensic science.

IFRI Mission

To advance forensic science through world class education, research and outreach.

This mission is accomplished by:

  • Educating and training forensic scientists
  • Providing training and certification for law enforcement and the legal community
  • Assisting faculty and students conduct impactful research
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary studies
  • Providing access to state of the art facilities for research and training
  • Providing technical expertise and services to law enforcement, the legal community and general public
  • Building local and worldwide partnerships including those in Latin America and the Caribbean

IFRI Statement of Values

  • To provide forensic science education, research, training and service of the highest quality
  • To have integrity and ethics in the performance of our professional duties
  • To assist all faculty, staff and students to attain their full potential
  • To create an environment that stimulates initiative, fosters creativity and promotes pride in our work product
  • To use our resources efficiently and effectively
  • To maintain a safe and healthy working environment
  • To foster a spirit of cooperation and caring for all affiliates of the institute