Advisory Board Members

IFRI External Advisory Board Members:

  • Dr. Diane Boland Director, Miami Dade Medical Examiner, Toxocology Laboratory
  • Brad Campbell Director, DEA Southeast Laboratory
  • Cristian Carranza Administrative Director Office Innovation and Accountability, MDCPS
  • Dr. Cecelia Crouse Director, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
  • Carol Henderson Director, National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology and the Law / Professor of Law
  • Craig Johnson President and CEO, Field Forensics Inc., Largo FL
  • Layda Nasr Principal, Law Enforcement Memorial High School, Miami-Dade County Public School
  • Kevin Lothridge Executive Director and CEO, NFSTC, Largo FL
  • Claudine Carter-Pereira Director, Broward Sherriff's office Forensic Laboratory
  • Stephanie Stoiloff Senior Bureau Commander, Miami Dade Police Forensic Lab
  • Agnes Winokur Associate Director, DEA Southeast Laboratory

IFRI Internal Advisory Board Members:

  • Dr. Jose Almirall Director, IFRI/and Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Dr. Nadja Schreiber Compo Co-Director, Legal Psychology, FIU
  • Dr. Anthony DeCaprio Director, FATF and Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Dr. Bruce McCord IFRI, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Dr. Ken Furton Provost, FIU/Professor of Chemistry/IFRI Director Emeritus
  • Dr. Howard Holness Chief of Academic Administration, Office of the Provost, FIU
  • Dr. Kalai Mathee College of Medicine, FIU/IFRI
  • Dr. DeEtta Mills Director, DNA Profiling Facility Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Walter Van Hamme Director, School of Integrated Science and Humanity (SISH)/CASE
  • Dr. Jeff Wells IFRI, Assoc. Prof. of Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Sara Casado Zapico IFRI, Graduate Program Director PSM-FS/Instructor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Dr. Steven Lee IFRI, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Advisory Board enhances communication between the Institute, the law enforcement community and other forensic science centers concerning:

  • The need for university courses, training programs and certification programs.
  • The need for research to clarify difficult forensic science or law enforcement problems.
  • Experts available to assist the forensic science and law enforcement community.
  • Opportunities for extramural support for research programs.
  • Opportunities for collaboration between forensic science research groups around the world.